Novelty iba 2023

A new lamination butter sheet for all applications

Hoche Butter GmbH is expanding its range with another lamination butter plate: with the new Universal Butter Plate, the specialist for butter and butterfats is closing the gap between low and high melting butter plates in its product range for the baking trade.

With a melting point of 35 °C, the new 2 kg Universal Butter Plate fits seamlessly into Hoche Butter's range of plates between the established Plunder Butter Plate (30 - 34 °C) and the higher-melting Croissant Butter Plate (36 - 38 °C). 

The new plate has improved processing properties at slightly higher ambient temperatures in the bakery and is suitable for the production of all types of Danish pastry and puff pastry. The melting point of 35 °C was chosen deliberately: On the one hand, the new butter plate has improved stability and on the other hand, it gives the finished pastries a good mouthfeel, as the butter can still melt on the tongue when you bite into it.

For the full-range supplier of butter and butterfat for the baking trade with a special focus on the touring butter plate category, the introduction of the new plate is a logical extension of the product range: "We have seen an increasing demand from our customers for a universally applicable butter plate with a slightly higher melting point and decided to develop a corresponding product. With this addition, our customers now have the choice between the low-, medium- and high-melting point butter plates commonly available on the market" says Sven Ost, Sales Manager at Hoche Butter GmbH.