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Serve hygienically and sustainably without disposable waste. HY5 is the sustainable hygienic glove for your staff at the sales counter.


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About us

HY5 (pronounced [ˈhaɪ ˈfaɪv]) is the hygienic glove made of high-quality organic cotton fabric that supports your staff in handling dry baked goods at the sales counter.

Markus and Patrick, the brains behind HY5:

We give sustainability an HY5 by working to develop key products in a responsible and resource-efficient way.

With HY5, we were very quickly able to inspire the first bakeries whose staff had long been unwilling to put up with the daily throwing away of disposable plastic gloves.

Our mission is to offer high-quality hygienic gloves that are extremely durable and resource-saving, making the work of sales staff easier.