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LIBERECKE STROJIRNY is one of the largest manufacturers of modern bakery equipment in in the Czech Republic.


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Range of products

  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Baguette machines and lines
  • P Belt and spiral freezers
  • P Oven loading systems
  • P Bread and fermenting baskets
  • P Bread lines
  • P Bread roll machines and lines
  • P Croissant machines and lines
  • P Conveyor systems and conveyor belts
  • P Proofing trays
  • P Gas ovens
  • P Semi and fully automatic loading systems
  • P Toast and tin bread lines
  • P Cooling transport systems
  • P Ovens
  • P Oven loading and unloading
  • P Pizza ovens
  • P Long and round moulders
  • P Cutting devices, stamping machines
  • P Special bread machines and lines
  • P Special bread roll machines and lines
  • P Tunnel ovens
  • P Transfer tables
  • P Intermediate fermentation cabinets

About us

The Company was established in 1993 as a limited liability company with a tradition of the bakery equipment production reaching back to 1920s when the original enterprise was state owned.

We offer complete realization of individual projects for large industrial bakeries as well as for small and midsize bakeries.

Our experience with production of high-quality bakery equipment allows us to be very flexible and to reflect fast changing needs of our clients.

Our Company has its own construction department that innovates existing equipment and in connection with production department comes up with a new modern solution.

Attention to detail and quality of work along with Company‘s client focus and long-term relationships resulted in becoming one of the leading bakery equipment suppliers in Europe.

Project realization:

Each system is individually designed to fully satisfy particular needs and demands of each client.

We use innovative technical solutions and solid functional design that meets the latest technical demands and this synergy results in new dimensions set in the bakery equipment production.

Reliability and high standard of our equipment is one of the main goals of the Company.

All equipment is certified and Company has implemented ISO 9001:2008

We have installations in more than 15 countries worldwide.

We offer the following solutions:

- Bread lines

- Toast and tin bread lines

- Proofers

- Buns lines

- Cooling systems

- Other equipment for the baking industry