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MB&D is the snack-food industry leader in providing quality, value-added cookie processing and packaging equipment. The proven simplicity, reliability, innovation, and performance of our products has positioned us to be the industry leader with over 500 machines operating in 70+ countries.


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About us

MB&D manufactures the "Cookie Capper" which takes cookies directly from the oven, indexes them, flips one cookie, deposits the filling and sandwiches the products. We manufacture the Traypacker and Placepacker, which places a predetermined amount of cookie base or sandwiches into trays. The Traypacker places the product on edge and the Placepacker places the product flat. We also manufacture an Injection and Icing machine for the production of donuts or cake products. With over 48 years of experience in the Food and Beverage market, our company excels in providing highly engineered, turn-key solutions for diverse customer needs. As a customer focused company, we specialize in providing products with state-of-the-art designs, overall footprint relatively small compared to stencil machines, and the flexibility to offer wider equipment. Our products’ flexibility and proven reliability are features our customers can depend on!

The Cookie Capper - The World’s Premiere Sandwiching Machine

 “The Cookie Capper” is our flagship machine for providing a turnkey and highly flexible solution to our customers worldwide. The Cookie Capper takes a full flow of product directly from a continuous oven band, orienting individual cookies, indexing and flipping every other row, applying accurate amounts of filling, and then positioning the tops onto the bottoms automatically at speeds up to 300 cookie rows (150 rows of sandwiches) per minute. The sandwiched products are then transported for enrobing, wrapping or further processing.  Our system is designed to run delicate soft cake, wire-cut and rotary molded cookies that fluctuate in size and shape because of upstream processes. We control the placement of filling and top cookie within + or - 1 mm and control filling target weights to within ±1 %.

The Traypacker

The Traypacker takes products at full oven capacity via supply cooling conveyors, guides them into multiple lanes, accumulates and indexes them, place them into groups (slugs) of a predetermined count, and drops them into a tray which is positioned precisely by the system. Various types of cookies can be processed including wire-cut, rotary molded, enrobed, and sandwiched items.

The Placepacker

The Place Packer takes a full flow of product directly from a continuous cooling tunnel or supply conveyor, orienting individual products, indexing, collating and placing stacks of predetermined counts of products into a plastic or paper tray. Various types of cookies can be processed including wire-cut, rotary molded, enrobed, sandwiched items, and much more.

The Oven Depositor

The Oven depositor deposits directly to an oven band with speeds up to 300 deposit rows per minute. The depositor is fully programmable to operate in synch with other deposits or cavities on the band or integrated with an existing rotary molder.

Donut Injector and Icing System

The Donut Depositor and Injector takes a full flow of product directly from an in-line fryer, orienting individual donuts with oscillating guides, indexing them, depositing and/or injecting filling. Deposit or Injection can be accomplished with change parts with 5-10 minute changeovers.