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Since 1926 Novacart has been making products in paper and cardboard for food use. Our production lines include baking cups, molds for baking in paper and cardboard, paper laces and cardboard trays. We are able to produce a wide range of eco-sustainable items in any shape, size and quantity: a univer


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Range of products

  • P Packaging materials
  • F Digitalisation

About us

From raw materials to finished products, Novacart directly follows the entire production process with a technological capacity that allows it to meet different needs with extreme flexibility.

We are able to produce items of every shape, size and quantity, developing machines that can be introduced ad hoc in the customer's production chain.

We work with professionalism and transparency, always with a look forward. Studying new products, developing new automation processes with a lower environmental impact, researching new biocompatible materials: these are the objectives we set ourselves today to become even bigger tomorrow.