Inspiration iba 2023

The invention of Paper Baking Moulds

We brought a breakthrough in the confectionery industry with the creation of paper molds for baking food. The use of paper allows to replace the old metal molds that must be buttered, cooled and washed after each use, slowing down the production line, especially in factories with large volumes.

Novacart was founded in 1926 in Garbagnate Monastero, a town in the north of Milan, with the inauguration of the first factory specialized in the production of disposable paper molds for cooking food in the oven. The quality of our products and the ability to continuously innovate the market, by introducing new patents and researching new materials, have attracted the attention of large industries and professionals in the food sector.

This path of evolution has led us to collaborate with the largest international food industries, to occupy the current position of global leadership.

We work with seriousness and passion, seeking the highest quality of products, respecting the environment and in total transparency. From the beginning we have always tried to introduce novelties in the market, depositing over 100 patents during over 90 years of history.