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Your trusted partner for innovative bakery and snack solutions.

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  • P Make-up lines
  • P Sheeting machines
  • P Pastry cutters
  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Lye application machines
  • P Biscuit machines
  • P Pretzel ovens
  • P Conveyor systems and conveyor belts
  • P Gas ovens
  • P Kneaders, kneading systems and kneading equipment
  • P Laminating lines
  • P Mixing machines, planetary mixers and beaters
  • P Ovens
  • P Bar making lines
  • P Long and round moulders
  • P Cutting devices, stamping machines
  • P Control systems
  • P Dough transport systems
  • P Drying and cooling lines
  • P Tunnel ovens
  • P Automation
  • S Science and research
  • F Turnkey solutions
  • F Sustainability

About us

Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) is an industry-leading manufacturer of innovative baking and process systems for the global snack food industry. The Reading Bakery Systems family of brands including Thomas L. Green, Reading Pretzel, Exact Mixing and Reading Thermal, offer complete baking solutions. RBS equipment can produce a wide range of snack products, provide continuous mixing solutions, as well as oven profiling services.

At iba 2023, Hall C2.320 stop by to see the latest in sustainable baking solutions, flexible snack technology, automated continuous mixing technology, and SCORPION® technology.

Don’t miss this and an impressive showcase of snacks made on our systems!

Baking for a Better Tomorrow
Sustainability is a big initiative at RBS, but our efforts specifically around ovens make RBS not only the leader in oven technology, but also the leader in sustainable baking solutions. We will highlight how we are reducing energy in baking and our new Emithermic XE oven that will replace DGF ovens in the future.

Flexible Baked Pretzel & Snack Systems
See the advantages of our exclusive Low-Pressure Extruder. From hard pretzel shapes and sticks to sushki, braids, filled products, flat pretzels, broken pretzels, and more, our LP Extrusion System offers maximum flexibility and can produce a wide range of products by simply changing the forming dies.

Snack Innovation: Baked Pita Chips, Multi-Crisps and more
With ever-changing consumer trends, innovative product development is the only way to keep pace. At iba, we will showcase new equipment to create baked pita chips, seasoned pretzels and a variety of other innovative snacks. If you’re looking for new ideas, you don’t want to miss this!

Automated Continuous Mixing & Rapid Hydration Technology 
We will also feature the Exact Continuous Mixing and Hydrobond Technology.  These automated mixing systems cut costs, reduce labor and save energy, while improving consistency and simplifying your mixing process. Now more than ever, automation is the key to future success.

Correct Problems & Maintain Optimum Process Conditions with the SCORPION Profiling System
The SCORPION® 2 Profiling System helps you solve process problems and optimize production. At iba, we will feature two new products: the Digital Humidity Sensor and Digital Air Velocity Sensor Array.  Don’t miss your opportunity to learn how this advanced technology enables more precise measurements of your process.

Partner with RBS to future-proof your facility with our innovative solutions and commitment to automation and sustainable operations. We’ll optimize your snack production and improve your bottom line with our expertise, technology, services. Our latest designs utilize alternative fuels and/or electric-powered ovens to reduce emissions, increase efficiency and reduce downtime with our proprietary RBSConnect operating system and ease equipment cleaning that increases uptime with RBS SafeShield.