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RBS Electric Oven Options: Baking for a Better Tomorrow

RBS oven designs offer electric heat and other solutions to reduce costs, conserve energy, and minimize emissions. Our equipment runs for many years, so it is important for us to provide solutions today to meet the guidelines of the future.

Sustainability is a big initiative at RBS, and our efforts specifically around Ovens make RBS not only the industry leader in oven technology, but also the industry leader in sustainable baking solutions.

One of our key goals is to reduce harmful emissions and conserve energy.  Our equipment runs for many years, so it is important for us to provide solutions today to meet the guidelines of the future.

We see a hydrogen blend and electric power as alternative fuel solutions.  We have tested and implemented these solutions to see the results. While hydrogen is a clean energy as an end user solution, electric oven power is likely to be the best long-term solution. 

Beyond the energy source of the ovens, our newest oven designs reduce costs, conserve energy, and minimize emissions.  Better oven insulation minimizes the conductive heat paths from the interior of the oven to the exterior.  Lighter weight oven belting also helps conserve energy.  We also offer items like heat reclaim systems that can assist by re-heating the oven make-up air.

“RBS offers sustainable ovens that reduce energy, eliminate greenhouse gases and are easy to operate. We will continue to focus on improving our oven designs in each of these categories as we move forward.” 

Electric Convection Ovens

For full electric baking, RBS offers an electric version penthouse for our convection style ovens.  We’ve been integrating electric heating into our processes for the last 20 years.  On existing RBS convection style ovens, there is an opportunity to exchange the existing penthouse with the electric penthouse.  This would only involve a new penthouse and the electrical control panel.  Customers may visit the RBS Science & Innovation Center to test our electric oven.

In addition to that, we also offer electric radiant elements to be added into any style of our ovens.  The radiant elements are used mostly in the application of applying toast points or coloration to the product prior to exiting of the oven. 

Electric Cracker Ovens / DGF Replacement Ovens

We have also been working on the development of an electric cracker oven to replace DGF ovens. We recently unveiled the new Thomas L. Green Emithermic XE Oven, a superior replacement for Direct Gas Fired (DGF) ovens. This new oven reduces emissions, simplifies cleaning and maintenance to cut operational costs, while improving cracker baking performance.

Commercial bakers are under pressure to reduce energy consumption and harmful emissions and increase operational efficiency to remain competitive, all while containing costs. To do so, bakers want to replace DGF ovens for newer, more user-friendly technology.

“Our high-performance ovens and dryers will be operating for the next 24–40 years. In so, it is crucial that RBS oven systems help bakers achieve their sustainability goals, while optimizing the cracker platform for product quality and production throughput.” said Cameron Johnston, Director of Engineering, Reading Bakery Systems.

Johnston continued, “In addition to sustainable baking, our customers have been asking for an improved cracker oven platform, and the Emithermic XE Oven delivers just that. It really is the future of cracker baking.”

DGF cracker ovens are costly, difficult to maintain, and often deliver an uneven bake to the product. These problems come from the large number of ribbon burners down the entire length of the oven (up to 300 feet long) that must be maintained and adjusted to deliver consistent heat to the product.

RBS designed the Emithermic XE Oven to bake via electric radiant heat elements, high radiant Thermatec Panels, and convective heat, which eliminate all ribbon burners. The oven delivers a more balanced heat to the product, and imparts the high radiant energy required to develop the flavor and texture of crackers. Greater flexibility and control are built into the Emithermic XE Oven with a humidity-controlled product zone.

The design offers simplified operation and maintenance, as electric burner components are easily replaced, eliminating costly downtime necessary to clean, tune and/or replace gas burners. The Emithermic XE Oven is available with gas or electric penthouses.