TT Italy S.p.A.

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TT Italy S.p.A is an Italian manufacturer of industrial bakery equipment and it is specialized in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial cake lines. We offer the most advanced technology and equipment for layer cakes, Swiss rolls, deposited cakes and Celebration cakes.


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Range of products

  • P Bakery equipment
  • P Layer cake machines
  • P Dosing machines
  • P Cooling tunnels
  • P Mixing machines, planetary mixers and beaters
  • L Cutting machines
  • L Cake-slicing machines
  • P Automation
  • P Product improvements
  • P Quality management
  • C Special cleaning systems
  • S Customer care and maintenance
  • S Science and research
  • F Turnkey solutions
  • F Quality management

About us

TT Italy S.p.A was founded in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs and now, with only 20 years of experience, it stands out as the world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of industrial cake lines, starting from the batter preparation to the final product.

Inspired by lean manufacturing principles, our culture drives us to create value through optimization and quality. We offer our customers automatic and semi-automatic sponge cake lines and cake lines, and a constant assistance, both remote and on-site, from the concept of the line to the start-up. When developing your project, special attention is given to a better use of ingredients, improving operational times and use of human resources, fast and effective sanitization, and overall waste reduction.

We strive to enable our client's success with a 360° approach including project consulting, state-of-the-art tailor-made equipment, and recipe and product development from our Food technologist's team, TT LAB. With over 80 industrial cake lines commissioned, TT LAB leverages profound know-how in the global ingredient market providing product R&D services and assistance to the customers. Therefore, we aim to establish a relationship with the customer, by starting from the study and development of his desired product and subsequently, we engineer and manufacture a customized industrial cake line.

If you are looking for the perfect product, rely on our technology to obtain excellent results!

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