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Artista Deli – this tunnel oven is performing like a true artist

Discover the Artista Deli tunnel oven: where culinary art meets innovation. Transform your bakery with modular design, adaptable belts, and handcrafted luxury. Elevate your baking game today! 🍞🔥

Artista Deli – true performance

With its modular design and choice of belts, this versatile oven allows you to reduce your future investment and make a larger variety of products using the same oven. This means that with Sveba Dahlen’s Artista Deli in your bakery, you can increase the overall flexibility, volume, and profits.

Artista Deli is an extremely flexible solution. It’s three ovens in one since you can replace the included stone hearth belt with a perforated or solid steel belt. The stone hearth belt is used for producing pizza, flatbread, pitta bread, naan bread, etc. The steel belt is used for sweeter doughs and low-rise products such as cookies. The perforated steel belt is used for free-form, high-rise loaves.

 Artista Deli - simply luxury handcrafted