Bandall rental solutions for bakeries

Our banding machines enable bakeries and pastry shops to use environmentally friendly packaging that is ecologically and aesthetically pleasing. Test our technology flexibly with rental and leasing options - without a high initial investment!

At Bandall, the focus is on sustainable packaging solutions. Our banding machines offer bakeries and pastry shops the opportunity to use environmentally friendly packaging that not only reduces the ecological footprint but also increases the aesthetics of the end product.

With our rental and leasing options, you can test our technology flexibly and without a large initial investment. Whether for seasonal peaks or to test new packaging concepts – with Bandall you remain flexible. Benefit from the opportunity to rent machines for as little as two weeks. If you decide to purchase, part of the rental costs will be credited.

Renting has its advantages

  • Can be used flexibly, for example for seasonal orders
  • Investment costs are unnecessary
  • The opportunity to test a new packaging concept
  • Possible from just two weeks
  • When switching from rent to purchase, a large part of the rent charged is credited towards the purchase price. The earlier you decide, the higher the percentage (ask for the conditions)
  • Both rent and (finance) leasing possible

Custom rent

The stand-alone machine is easy and flexible to use. You can therefore easily and temporarily integrate the machine into your ongoing production and packaging processes. We have a diverse range available. With or without additional options such as a data printer or a positioning system. Get in touch with us and inquire about the possibilities.

Find out more

Contact us to find out more about our tailored rental solutions and how we can help you make your packaging processes more sustainable. Find out more about our rental solutions – contact us today!

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