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Bandall June 4, 2024

Bandall rental solutions for bakeries

Our banding machines enable bakeries and pastry shops to use environmentally friendly packaging that is ecologically and aesthetically pleasing. Test our technology flexibly with rental and leasing options - without a high initial investment!

Bandall March 8, 2024

Packaging with Vision: 3 Steps to More Sustainability

In today's world, sustainable packaging is becoming the standard. Bandall is at the forefront of this movement by offering innovative solutions. Learn more about 3 steps with which you can make your packaging processes not only more environmentally friendly but also more economical.

Bandall December 5, 2023

80% reduction in materials?

In a world fighting against the waste of resources, banding offers a forward-looking solution. Discover how a small adjustment in your packaging can save up to 80% of materials, reduce costs, and promote sustainability. Your company can make a difference.

Schutte Bagclosures October 19, 2023

Paper Clipps

We are delighted to present our latest innovation: Paper Clipps by Schutte Bagclosures. These remarkable Paper Clipps represent a pinnacle in sustainable, eco-conscious design.

iba 2023

Comi Pak October 19, 2023

Sliced bread bag-closing-machine

A104LAT and A480LAT - The "LAT" model, available both in "twistband" and "clipband" versions, is the most suitable for closing bags contains sliced bread. The machine is fed by a bag-blower, downstream of slicer machines…

iba 2023

SR Pack October 18, 2023

Dolly Loading of Bakery Baskets

No More Heavy Lifting: Say goodbye to the backbreaking task of manually lifting heavy loads! With SR Pack A/S's automated dolly loading system, the need for labor-intensive lifting is eliminated.

iba 2023

breAd. & edible labels October 18, 2023

What are the benefits of edible labels for retailers?

Why are edible labels becoming an increasingly popular solution? From environmental benefits to improving the buying process, discover this innovation's key benefits to store staff and customers.

iba 2023

WECARRY October 16, 2023

Reusable Packaging in bakeries

WECARRY is the first deposit-based reusable system for bread packaging in bakeries. Thanks to reuse, reusable cotton bags are the resource-saving alternative to disposable paper bags. But how does it actually work?

iba 2023

DUNE October 13, 2023

𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 fully automatic packaging machine – You dreamt it, we made it!

New and exclusive to the iba. TRADE FAIR 2023 our recognized specific technology is now available in a fully automatic end-off-line version for fresh bread manufacturers, industries and semi-industries.

iba 2023

WECARRY October 12, 2023
Startup Pitch

Sustainable alternative to the paper bag

Reusable bags for bakery products in a smart, deposit-based cycle: WECARRY is the first reusable system for bakeries. Because reducing waste by cutting down single-use packaging is an essential contribution to a better planet for tomorrow.

iba 2023

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