Inspiration iba 2023

Became Green Bakery and save the planet for next generation.

Impact on the environment, sustainability, and minimization of the carbon footprint. These are the three main areas we thought about when developing our solutions for waste heat processing and baking oven heating.

Currently, a company's success is measured not only by its profits, but also by the way in which it seeks to approach ecology and the way it views the environment.

By environmentally friendly business, the company can reduce the negative impact of production on the environment during the entire production process. 

With the help of our company, you can not just use waste generated by your production and turn it into an energy source, but you can also ecologically heat your thermo-oil ovens. 


How do you make the bakery operation more efficient without any loss of energy? With the EkoBlok Bypass, EkoBlok Steam and EkoBlok ExtraSteam not only do you save up to 25 % in input energy and regulate steam and waste gas outlet, but you also run a bakery that is eco-friendly.

Kornfeil Deodorant – installation for cleaning exhaust steam and heat recovery, that uses unused waste energy of the bakery to the maximum and at the same time eliminates typical odour of bakeries, that has so far prevented the construction of new projects in urban agglomerations.


The BioTherm thermal oil boiler is an ecological alternative for the heating of bakery ovens. It primarily uses renewable energy sources such as wood chips and pellets as heating fuel. Not only these are cheaper energy sources such as waste from the surrounding countryside and wood from forests, but the bakery also becomes independent of natural gas and other fossil fuels.