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Bulk-handling technologies for bread-makers

CEPI designs, manufactures and installs bulk-handling systems for the storage, conveying and dosing of raw materials, as well as fully integrated automation and technologies to complete all production processes.

CEPI has developed installations for all types of bread. From hard to soft dough bread, sourdough bread, white bread, rye or wheat bread, corn bread, soda bread and flatbreads such as piadina and pitas, we provide the solutions and the food expertise needed to best handle each ingredient. 

Our vision has centered research, customization and flexibility since our beginnings. Our mission goes beyond assembling food machinery: we build turn-key installations that manage the production line from storage to dosing, all the while developing specialized solutions to match diverse and ever-changing needs across the planet. CEPI brings to the table a global knowledge of materials, environments, and markets as well as the continued research that goes into developing around 300 unique systems every year.  

gbl.jpg (0.2 MB)Outdoor silos in stainless steel

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Storing and dosing

Our storing equipment is modular and includes indoor and outdoor silos in stainless steel or antistatic Trevira fabric. Our solutions are hygienic, safe, and suitable for any flour and materials such as quinoa, teff, amaranth, powdered milk and fibers which are frequently involved in bio productions.

CEPI’s station for the dosing of minor ingredients can handle a wide range of challenging materials and supports very diverse recipes, with accurate dosing of salt, improvers, aromas, spices, starch, inclusions, and other additives commonly used in bio and gluten free baking such as xanthan gum, lecithin, psyllium and cellulose. They are suitable for continous dosing in big production lines and come with easy-to-clean design and technologies to prevent leakage and leftovers.

If you decide to mix ingredients before dosing, our 3in1 station is the solution for you. 3in1 weighs the ingredient, filters and blends through vertical blender, all in single unit. 3in1 optimizes mixing and production times as the blend is already homogenous before reaching the mixer. It is fast, accurate and clean, delivering a homogeneous mix of powders even for quantities lower than 1% in the span of 3-5 minutes. It can also be used in place of the dosing hopper, and its speed makes it very suitable for continuous mixing systems. 

trevibox.jpg (0.3 MB)Indoor silo in Trevira HT antistatic fabric with fluidized bed 

Fluidization and cooling

Flour will benefit greatly from the inclusion of technologies such as fluidization and flour cooling, to ensure natural maturation and stability of temperature.  

All CEPI’s storing solutions can be equipped with a fluidization system that allows for chronological extraction with FIFO logic, greatly enhancing the traceability process. The flour oxygenation operated by the fluidized bed leads to a crucial improvement in the quality of the flour, with a faster but natural maturation that improves the flour’s rheological properties without using additives. Fluidized flour is much better for breadmaking, with better responses to all treatments from dough preparation to fermentation. The dough is more elastic and easier to work. It absorbs water more easily and keeps gas in more easily during leavening. Bread made from well oxygenated flour is softer thanks to a more alveolar product, and more digestible as oxygenation allows for longer leavening. 

Correct and linear management of the dough temperature is also essential in bread-making. Seasonal changes cause considerable variations to the temperatures of work areas and raw materials, impacting leavening times and creating unevenness in the finished product. CEPI offers a centralized cooling system for a gradual and automatic reaching of set temperature, based on the direct exchange of pre-cooled air through a fluidized bed and able to independently take the flour to the temperature required for further processing. This system eliminates the need for cooling agents such as cooled water or ice, which lead to instant decreases and unstable temperatures through time. The progressive cooling of the CEPI system guarantees higher stability and precision, and homogeneity in the dough with thermal exchange acting directly on every flour particle.    

raffreddmento-farina.jpg (0.2 MB)

Flour cooling system


Sourdough bread is tastier, more fragrant and healthier. Easy to digest and with a high nutritional value, it achieves a long-shelf life without preservatives, meeting the increasing demand for food manufactured through processes that preserve the natural properties of its ingredients. Rye, wheat and multigrain breads but also pizza, focacce, brioches and crackers: in the last two decades, the defining factor in bakery manufacture has been the rediscovery of sourdough, and the development of technologies that make artisan quality possible on an industrial level.

CEPI’s fermentation technology include fermenters and bread re-work dissolvers for sourdough, as well as pre-dough and poolish. Our systems allow for bread making through both direct method and indirect two steps method, and deliver precision and full control of all processes, as well as standardization and repeatability of procedures. Modular and suitable for small, medium and big production volumes, our systems fully preserves the characteristics of the raw materials and meets the highest standards of hygienic production.

fermentation-tanks.jpg (0.5 MB)

Fermentation tanks

Integrated automation

CEPI provides a turn-key system that includes fully integrated automation, with production management through multiple touch panel solutions and native software for process control, full traceability, warehouse management and total information exchange with other software and ERP. Hardware and software design is done completely in-house.

Each system is designed through a comprehensive study of the manufacturer’s processes that includes all operations from warehouse to marketing, and customized to match analysis of raw materials, site evaluation, environment and consumptions. Our systems cover every operation from loading to dosing, ensuring the repeatability and precision of the recipe, and full traceability for macro, medium and minor ingredients both powdered and liquid. 

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