Quality management

Increase competitiveness - also through production according to specified standards and audited guidelines.

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iba April 30, 2024
Expertise Quality management

Designing for Greatness

"Designing for Greatness" means intentionally incorporating sanitation, people safety, and serviceability into the equipment design.

iba April 30, 2024
Expertise Quality management

Firefly Preventive and Protective Solutions for the Baking Industry

Baked products are exposed to high temperatures from ovens. Taking into account that almost all baked products have ignition temperatures very close to the average oven operation temperature, there is a constant latent risk that products will burn.

Goodway March 8, 2024
Use case

Safety Meets Efficiency: PureBelt® Sets New Standards

For a Long Island bakery, meeting food safety standards became a critical mission. Thanks to PureBelt®, the bakery now not only meets hygiene standards but also ensures operational efficiency.

WIESHEU February 7, 2024
Use case

WIESHEU Ovens: The Heart of Böhm Bakery

In Nordheim, master baker Daniel Böhm transforms the bakery into a center of innovation. With WIESHEU ovens at his side, he manages to find the balance between proven baking tradition and the most modern technology.

JAC January 3, 2024

Easyform: Your Key to Efficiency and Quality

Do you want to elevate your bakery business to the next level? With the Easyform bakery divider, you bring efficiency and quality into your bakery. Easyform is not only environmentally friendly and economical in use, but also ideal for use in small spaces!

Maxima Bakery Machines December 16, 2023

Commercial Oven: Why this investment is crucial for your business

Discover how a commercial oven can boost your kitchen's productivity. We highlight 6 reasons why this investment is crucial for your business – from quality assurance to multifunctional capabilities.

Revent International December 16, 2023

Looking to improve your bakery's production efficiency?

Efficiency is key in every bakery. The Revent Rotary Oven promises consistent high quality with high throughput. Dive into the world of modern baking technology and discover how your business can benefit from consistent, top-quality results. Transform your bakery's efficiency today!

ALTUNTOP December 5, 2023

Bakery Revolution: High-Performance Dough Machines

Enhance your bakery's production with our Dough Divider, Conical, Intermediate Proofer, and Moulder Machines. Experience how you can improve bread quality, increase capacity, and reduce the workforce. Our CE-certified machines are your key to efficient and high-quality baking.

Dirafrost October 30, 2023
Exhibitor press release

Thank you for visiting us at the IBA

Dirafrost is delighted to report out that our recent participation in the IBA Fair was a resounding success. The launch of the redesign of our brand DIRA resonated very good. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks for visiting our booth and expressing interest in our products and services.

iba 2023

Tweax October 23, 2023
Startup Pitch

Bake a healthier future with Tweax

We help you tweak your recipes. With science on our side, we aim to help you make your recipes healthier. We strive to cut down the presence of ingredients like salt, certain fats, and sugar. And increase the presence of power ingredients. All this without compromising on taste or texture.

iba 2023

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