Quality management

Increase competitiveness - also through production according to specified standards and audited guidelines.

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RONDO A1 / 211

How you can benefit from automation

Automation elevates your production capacity, saves cost and improves assurance. Read more about how RONDO can help you in scaling up your business here.

RONDO A1 / 211

RONDO – your perfect partner in gluten-free production

Gluten-Free dough can be difficult to work with, which is why you need a line that will produce a consistent and undamaged dough band. At RONDO, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy delicious food and pastries, which is why many of our lines can transform gluten-free dough into tasty products!


Clarity Process Management

Shick Esteve provides integrated data and process control that focuses on giving customers greater access to their data. Clarity Process Management provides clarity of data in a contextual format, allowing customers to make real-time decisions that will maximize their production efficiencies.

Goodway B1 / 238

Heavy-Duty Dry Vapor Cleaner

A favorite for cleaning and sanitizing dry cleaning production areas in food, beverage, and manufacturing plants. Used to remove soils, bacteria, and allergens on conveyor belts, sorting machines, packaging systems, gearing and chains, and all production surfaces.

Goodway B1 / 238

Biospray Surface Sanitation System

The patented BioSpray® Surface Cleaner and Sanitizer system deliver faster, safer, and more efficient surface sanitation in your food plant, school, healthcare facility, cruise ship, or anywhere you need surface sanitation. Especially useful in “dry” clean areas.

Goodway B1 / 238

PureBelt™ Fixed Brushless Belt Cleaning System

The PureBelt™ fixed system is designed for permanent clean-in-place cleaning of flat conveyor belts in dry-clean environments like bakeries, snack plants, confectionery plants, and industrial settings.

Foodish - Gluten free flours B4 / 532

Exploring the application of gluten-free flour in food production

Foodish, s.r.o. produces more than 20 types of gluten-free flour. This scale – from amaranth and buckwheat to beans, lentils, and peas – can meet the most demanding requirements of potential partners.


Staking boards, proofing trays, peelboards, oven gloves, standard rattan proofing baskets with logo

CLEANBAKE provides as well - handmade proofing baskets in various sizes, with motifs and with individual logo, as well as gloves, stacking boards and proofing boards / peelboards.


How Automated Vision Inspection Technologies Help Build Stronger, Profitable Brands

Unlock the power of automated vision inspection technologies for your bakery products. Achieve 100% product inspection, minimize waste, and boost brand appeal. Stay ahead with advanced visual quality assurance solutions.

GHD Georg Hartmann Maschinenbau GmbH B1 / 350

Hartmann - Packaging Automat VS 320 SV 12 T

Fully automatic bag packaging machine for tortilla stacks. Tortilla stacks are packed into foil bags and sealed tightly inside the machine in a single operation.

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