Croissomat 4.0 - Artisanship Meets High Technology

With the Croissomat 4.0, you can produce up to 5,400 unfilled croissants per hour. Combining individual process sections and servo motors, it merges artisanal quality with cutting-edge technology. Discover this innovation and boost your productivity and product quality!

Strengths of the Croissomat 4.0

1. Integrated Calibrator

Croissomat 4.0 Kalibrierer

  • Consistent dough weight and seamless joining of dough sheets

  • Reduces tension in the dough sheets for uniform end products

  • Minimizes dough waste

 2. Sharp Guillotine Cut

Scharfer Guillotinenschnitt

  • Perfectly visible fat layers for beautiful lamination

  • Wide range of choices in the shape and size of tools

 3. Patented Separator

Patentierter Separierer

  • Precise separation of triangles without deformation

  • No adjustments needed for die sizes

  • Increased productivity

4. Precise Placement

Präzises Absetzen Drehtisch

  • Accurate placement and rotation of triangles

  • Highest process reliability thanks to servo motors

5. Visible Wrapping Process

Sichtbarer Wickelprozess

  • Gentle wrapping without crushing the fat layers

  • From tightly to loosely wrapped croissants - everything is possible

  • Uncompromising product quality with insight into the wrapping process

6. Versatile Bypass Table

Croissomat 4.0 Bypasstisch

  • Completely tool-free, quick retooling

  • Simple conversion to a compact pastry line

  • Expanded application rang

Your Benefits at a Glance

Up to 5,400 unfilled croissants per hour

  • Production on 2 - 6 rows
  • Up to 900 croissants per row per hour
  • Wide selection of dies for croissants of various sizes and weights

Easy and safe handling thanks to smart design

  • Intuitive operation with a multilingual touch panel
  • Latest hygiene standards ensure less contamination and dough residues
  • Highest work safety and quick troubleshooting

Wide product variety, not just in croissant variations

  • Process whole grain, yeast, or multi-colored doughs
    Die expansion to squares, ovals, or circles
    Easy expansion of the product range


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