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RONDO combines dough and technology We bring fresh impetus to the world of baked goods production and enable our customers to set new standards in product quality, efficiency and sustainability.

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RONDO February 7, 2024

Discover the Starline: Your Ultimate Production Line

In the world of bakery equipment, one star shines particularly bright: the Starline. Imagine a fully automated production line that is not only efficient but also versatile. Get ready to revolutionize your bakery with maximum performance and versatility.

RONDO December 16, 2023

Croissomat 4.0 - Artisanship Meets High Technology

With the Croissomat 4.0, you can produce up to 5,400 unfilled croissants per hour. Combining individual process sections and servo motors, it merges artisanal quality with cutting-edge technology. Discover this innovation and boost your productivity and product quality!

RONDO December 4, 2023

RONDO Smart Bread Line: 1000 kg of Dough per Hour

The RONDO Smart Bread Line combines modular flexibility with 'stress-free' technology to produce a wide range of bread products. Experience its capacity to process up to 1000 kg of dough per hour while maintaining artisanal quality.

RONDO October 11, 2023

Launch of the Smart Bread Line

RONDO is proud to announce the official launch of its most recent automated line for bread production. Your choice for dough handling of up to 1'000 kg / hour.

iba 2023

RONDO October 11, 2023

The new Croissomat 4.0: Automated production of the highest artisanal quality

Burgdorf-based bakery machine manufacturer RONDO is rolling out the Croissomat 4.0, a croissant machine with maximum process reliability. It has been developed specifically for artisanal bakeries with the highest quality requirements.

iba 2023

RONDO August 25, 2023

RONDO – your perfect partner in gluten-free production

Gluten-Free dough can be difficult to work with, which is why you need a line that will produce a consistent and undamaged dough band. At RONDO, we want to ensure everyone can enjoy delicious food and pastries, which is why many of our lines can transform gluten-free dough into tasty products!

iba 2023

RONDO July 19, 2023
Use case

RONDO and DUNKIN’ DONUTS: A Service Success Story

LODI CML, a DUNKIN' DONUTS manufacturing site in Lodi, New Jersey, has been a customer of RONDO since 1986 and has been operating the RONDO Smart Donut Line since 2018. In our short interview Noé Rodriguez, controller of LODI CML, offers an insight into the long-lasting thriving relationship.

iba 2023

RONDO May 22, 2023

How you can benefit from automation

Automation elevates your production capacity, saves cost and improves assurance. Read more about how RONDO can help you in scaling up your business here.

iba 2023

RONDO May 11, 2023
Use case

Industrial croissant production in Italy

Forno d’Asolo, in the Italian town of Maser, has been using the RONDO ASTec Croissant Line since 2018. In our short interview, Enrico Bellani, the Plant Manager at Forno d’Asolo, provides a consistently positive review.

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