Easyform: Your Key to Efficiency and Quality

Do you want to elevate your bakery business to the next level? With the Easyform bakery divider, you bring efficiency and quality into your bakery. Easyform is not only environmentally friendly and economical in use, but also ideal for use in small spaces!

Easyform, Our Lever-Based Dough Divider

This innovative device marks a turning point in the production of smaller dough quantities. Ideal for hydrated and fermented doughs, Easyform masters the art of dough division with a capacity of 3 to 5 kg.

With features such as the progressive push lever for tamping and cutting, as well as the Click & Cut system, Easyform offers a combination of precision and user-friendliness. The Easylock safety system underscores our commitment to safety and comfort.

Easyform is environmentally friendly and economical, fits perfectly on a table or a Moveo base, and offers a simple solution for the daily challenges in the bakery.

Discover how Easyform changes your baking experience

Visit our website to learn more about Easyform. Let yourself be inspired by Easyform and experience baking at a whole new level!