Expertise iba 2023

Ecopack, paper packaging solutions for the food industry

Since its foundation in 1939, Ecopack originated from a vocation for research and a constant implementation of innovative solutions for its customers and the food industry.

Ecopack creates solutions for the food industry. It has always embraced challenges and resolved customer packing issues to offer the end user a product with the best features possible.

Our company’s ability is to cooperate with the cutting-edge denester manufacturers: our expertise in cupcake moulds, muffins, and primary packaging has grown hand-in-hand with automation in the food industry.

Ecopack is able to provide highly efficient and low-waste solutions for food packaging, integrating them within the production line through a close collaboration with its customers.

Our company boasts a fully automated, thus completely standardized production that guarantees zero defects.

Ecopack provides the food industry with a tailor made Customer Care service, responding to customer demands: we work together to provide the best solutions, tackling and overcoming unexpected events to optimize the final result.