Product-Highlight iba 2023

ESSENTIAL® TOTAL – Complete solutions for all applications and processes

A clean-label enzyme-based complete dough conditioner developed for process optimization, improving dough stability and machinability. Specifically designed for an easy-to-dose, convenient dough conditioning solution to replace functionality of less friendly ingredients and fast-acting oxidizers.

General-purpose bread improvers to produce the whole spectrum of fermented products. Available for a wide range of applications.

Offered in 10 kg bags, with a 0.5% on flour weight dosage rate.


  • Enhance loaf volume
  • Improve crumb structure
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Can be used in all types of bakery products and most dough systems
  • Can provide significant cost savings

Essential® TOTAL:

  • Developed for a wide range of bakery applications

Essential® TOTAL PLUS:

  • Developed for applications where extra tolerance and machinability are required