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König Maschinen several locations
Experience at the booth

Koenig Five Senses

Awaken your senses at the Koenig booth: Explore the world of baking with all five senses and discover the endless opportunities of high-performance baking equipment

backaldrin International The Kornspitz Company several locations

Foodtrends: The future of eating

As society changes, so do eating habits. Consequently, this has an impact on the bakery sector, because "the customer is king": When their wishes change, bakeries have to deal with it, rethink products and go with the trend.

Martin Braun Backmittel und Essenzen A3 / 270

Fusion Croissants

Elevate your croissant experience with Braun's Fusion Croissants! Discover how Schokobella creams turn ordinary croissants into divine pastries, and don't miss the trendy New York Rolls.

Soy Austria B4 / 224

Soy-based egg replacement

Plant-based egg replacement is one of the hottest ingredient trends in the food and especially in the bakery industry. Soy Austria has developed a SOY-BASED EGG ALTERNATIVE which perfectly replaces eggs in muffins and waffles! Do you want to try a tasty plant-based muffin?

BackNatur A3 / 249

Sourdough with BackNatur Trockenfermen is a natural source of taste and can organize leavening without bakers yeast too

Sourdough with BackNatur Trockenfermen is a natural source of taste and can organize leavening without bakers yeast too. It is available in powder form, that can be stored at ambient temperature up to 12 months and can be used directly with no “pre-step”.

backaldrin International The Kornspitz Company several locations

Chickpeas and rapeseed for a unique taste

backaldrin is always on the lookout for new ingredients for innovative bread and pastry ideas. Chickpeas and rapeseed provide that special taste and "crunch" for the iba 2023 exhibition.

breAd. & edible labels B4 / 446

Edible labels – an effective marketing tool to increase sales and build a brand

Improve your business by using wafer labels as a marketing tool for your bakery products, which enhances your brand image amongst consumers. You can show your product advantages to be seen in plain sight on the store shelf by the final customer.

PFAHNL Backmittel GmbH B4 / 410
Use case

Masterclass with Dietmar Kappl

Our Masterclass with Dietmar Kappl was booked up to the last place. This time on the topics: Possible applications of multistage wheat sourdoughs in Viennoiserie, toured doughs and artisan breads.

Th. Geyer Ingredients B4 / 460

Natural ingredients for tasteful bake goods

Our portfolio of raw materials from leading suppliers also leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to baking mixes: We are happy to develop individual complete solutions for you.

J. Rettenmaier & Söhne A3 / 158
Experience at the booth

Gluten-free Croissant with VIVAPUR® BCS 200

Experience the future of gluten-free croissant perfection with VIVAPUR® BCS 200! Achieve unmatched flakiness, buttery flavor, and seamless industrial production in every delectable bite. Your path to croissant excellence begins here.

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