Product-Highlight iba 2023

Fermenter for industrial plants and standalone machines (FLN120, 300 700)

The ideal cradle for the production of natural liquid yeast.Industrial plants and standalone machines for the production of natural liquid yeast and poolish suitable for different types of flours and starters.


  • Consistent product quality
    • Replicable production process resulting in consistent finished product quality.
  • Space maximisation
    • Reduction in occupied space and equipment such as proving baskets and retarder prover cabinets.
  • Minimum operator involvement
    • The high automation level does not require skilled workers.

Quality-related benefits of natural liquid yeast:

  • Reduction or elimination of brewer’s yeast and
    adjuvant additives
  • Relaxing effect on the dough, making it more stretchy;
    greater softness and improved shelf-life
  • More regular crumb structure and thinner crust
  • Better resistance to moulds and stringy bacteria
  • Improved characteristic flavours and fragrances
  • Improved nutritional value of the finished product due
    to the prolonged action of bacteria and yeasts
  • Reduction of the phytic acid present in wholemeal
  • Reduction of brewer’s yeast intolerance effects
  • Consistency of results (reliable production quality)