Novelty iba 2023

𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 fully automatic packaging machine – You dreamt it, we made it!

New and exclusive to the iba. TRADE FAIR 2023 our recognized specific technology is now available in a fully automatic end-off-line version for fresh bread manufacturers, industries and semi-industries.

You are a leading company in fresh bread, croissant, pastries an confectionaries.

You are specialized in local distribution for self service sales.

You are committed to a CSR approach with a strong plastic reduction policy.

You are looking how to easely pack your fresh breads with a double closure or your artisan croissants, pastries and confectionnaries in a larger scale that allows you to refocus on your main profession. 

          ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ You dreamt it, we made it ! ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 

𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 is the packaging solution to use VisioDune packaging in a larger scale. 

VisioDune is a sustainable and environmental friendly packaging dedicated to self-service sales of breads, croissants, pastries and confectionnaries.

Reach sky rocket sales ! 🚀

The combination of these two technologies will make you reach sky rocket sales !

VisioDune mouth watering design provides complete products visibility, can be marchandised in vertical position or in piles, protects delicate products while remaining handy and practical and is the perfect balance between tradition and technology.

Whether you require packaging for freshly baked bread, delicate pastries, or delectable confectionery products, VisioDune offers you an eco-friendly and customizable solution.

VisioDune paper comes in various colors. We can print either on the front side or on the back in 6 different colors and even in quadri for a truly unique look.

When technlogy serves environement 🌍 

𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 is a completely innovative and revolutionary new packaging method that can be install separated or intergrated in a production line.

  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 limits handling
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 allows work at operator height
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 can integrate any labelling system
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 allows easy packaging size changes
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 can pack either raw or in tray products
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 provides a hygienic double closure
  • 𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 can reach a 1500 pieces per hour capacity

𝑵𝙚𝒑𝙩𝒖𝙣𝒆 is a patented technology

Faithfull to its culture of innovation. Dune has patent 3 technologies on this unic packaging solution.

Tailor-made solution

We understand that each bakery is different so let's take a look at your project!

Our human-size company will allow dynamic direct contact and personalized approach of your needs and standards to design your tailor-made packaging solution.