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Hygiene Tool Storage – what’s right for you?

Whether you produce, process, serve or sell food, proper cleaning-tool and utensil storage is critical to meeting hygiene and tool-maintenance standards.

Vikan cleaning tools storage solutions include Shadow Boards, Shadow Brackets, Hygienic Hi-Flex Wall Bracket Systems, and a range of Wall Brackets, all of which are designed to increase cleaning efficiency and reduce tool damage and cross-contamination.

Shadow Boards

Shadow Boards are suitable for a range of sectors/industries including food production, food service, and food retail, and are designed for use with Vikan Tools, ensuring a perfect fit. They are an effective and affordable way to ensure GFSI-compliant “5S” storage of your hygienic cleaning tools. Colour-coded for hygienic segregation, these boards keep your tools organised, clean and in good condition – saving you time and money every day. They also make it easier to stay on top of inventories, and to keep the auditors satisfied.


Other solutions

Wall Brackets in stainless steel or fully colour coded are perfect for food production areas with limited space. They can be matched with your Vikan tool colour to optimise segregation and minimise the risk of cross-contamination.

Shadow Brackets are cost-effective and can be purchased in individual or multiple units. They are a great alternative to a full-sized Shadow Board, especially in smaller spaces. They are made from a smooth-finished stainless steel, and can be colour coded by applying a coloured sticker to represent the area and tool, which will help you prevent cross-contamination while protecting your equipment.

Vikan storage solutions

How to get started

Our experts are present at the fair to help you cover your need and find the perfect storage solution for your tools and utensils. Meet us to learn more. We are looking forward to seeing you.