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Goodway B1 / 238

Heavy-Duty Dry Vapor Cleaner

A favorite for cleaning and sanitizing dry cleaning production areas in food, beverage, and manufacturing plants. Used to remove soils, bacteria, and allergens on conveyor belts, sorting machines, packaging systems, gearing and chains, and all production surfaces.

Goodway B1 / 238

Biospray Surface Sanitation System

The patented BioSpray® Surface Cleaner and Sanitizer system deliver faster, safer, and more efficient surface sanitation in your food plant, school, healthcare facility, cruise ship, or anywhere you need surface sanitation. Especially useful in “dry” clean areas.

Goodway B1 / 238

PureBelt™ Fixed Brushless Belt Cleaning System

The PureBelt™ fixed system is designed for permanent clean-in-place cleaning of flat conveyor belts in dry-clean environments like bakeries, snack plants, confectionery plants, and industrial settings.

AMF Bakery Systems C2 / 110

Hygienic design & optimal dough control in sheeted breadline

Introducing the latest ultra-hygienic design sheeted breadline by AMF Tromp. With optimal dough and no falling heights anymore, it's the perfect sheeting solution for high-hydration doughs. After IBA, available for demos & testing in the AMF Innovation Centre in The Netherlands.

STERILSYSTEMS UVC-Desinfektion A1 / 361

Belt / cutting belt disinfection

The FBK system is used for permanent disinfection of conveyors and cutting belts, as well as surfaces and films. The external switch cabinet ensures easy cleaning.

JEROS A3 / 130

Automate the cleaning of baking trays with JEROS

Streamlined cleaning of up to 10.000 baking and perforated trays per day becomes a minor matter with an automatic sheet metal cleaning system from JEROS. The complete feeding technology is located in a closed stainless steel housing and the sheets are cleaned and oiled with the back side up.

Goodway B1 / 238

Heavy Duty Industrial Vacuum

Ideal for the dry food processing industry, our stainless steel DV-3-SSH Food Processing Vacuum features three heavy-duty motors that deliver an airflow of 286 CFM and 81" of static water lift.

Colussi Ermes B1 / 170

Colussi Ermes Pan washers: The smartest washing system you can have!

Colussi Ermes will propose the best pan washing equipment, both standalone and in-line systems, with a capacity of up to 30 pans/minute, bottom-down loading, and a clearance height of up to 4”. These washing systems ensure maximum hygiene, protecting consumers according to the new strict standards.

beam A3 / 541

Sustainable: Green Cleaning in the bakery

Experience the sustainable way of cleaning with dry steam and do without chemicals in the bakery. With our green cleaning approach, you not only save time and the cost of cleaning agents, but also over 90 percent of water.

sterilAir A1 / 321
Exhibitor press release

UVC Technology by sterilAir: A Milestone

sterilAir systems prove their worth in practice – find out more in the Fresh Food and Beverage Group AG's testimonial. We are pleased to be able to contribute. Thank you!

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