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Industrial croissant production in Italy

Forno d’Asolo, in the Italian town of Maser, has been using the RONDO ASTec Croissant Line since 2018. In our short interview, Enrico Bellani, the Plant Manager at Forno d’Asolo, provides a consistently positive review.

What do you like the most about the RONDO ASTec Croissant Line? 

The line is flexible, easy to operate, and its control panel and safety features use the latest technology.

What advantages have you noticed during operation?  

The fat can be measured very accurately. Another positive aspect we have noticed is the consistency of the dough band. The Croissant Line is also very easy and quick to clean. There are no points where flour or dough can accumulate.

Why did you decide to purchase a RONDO line? 

RONDO not only offers a world-class customised engineering service, but also a timely and a professional after sales service.

What do you think of the controls? 

As already mentioned, the HMI is very intuitive and thus very easy to understand – this is also down to the icon driven menu structure that provides a schematic overview of the different areas of the installation.

Would you recommend the service and training provided by RONDO? 

Yes. The service provided in the event of emergencies is fast and competent. A 24-hours assistance service would, however, be interesting for companies that operate on a three-shift basis such as ours.

What do you think about RONDO? 

Swiss quality and engineering, Italian flexibility.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the RONDO ASTec Croissant Line? 

It is a line that provides a high level of precision and excellent productivity. Low maintenance, easy to operate and clean. What else! :-)

Enrico Bellani, thank you for taking the time to talk to us!