Product-Highlight iba 2023

Intelligent scoring of products with robots and 3D image processing

Our groundbreaking robotic cutting system opens up completely new possibilities for bakeries to maintain their product quality and consistency at the highest level thanks to intelligent 3D image processing and robotics.

Since 2006, we at Abendschön Maschinenbau have been developing image processing-supported robotic cutting systems for baked goods. We have always emphasised solutions that provide our customers with maximum flexibility while maintaining high production efficiency.

Waste minimisation and personnel savings

The scoring process in bakeries is often error-prone and sometimes labour-intensive due to a variety of factors.

Cutting products by hand ties up personnel resources that are often urgently needed elsewhere in the factory. This is compounded by uneven and often poor cutting results.

Conventional scoring systems, e.g. portal-based, are often imprecise, inflexible in terms of cutting settings and require a lot of time for recipe changes.

Our robotic cutting systems are a great solution for bakeries that want to maintain the quality and consistency of their products. The robot can be configured to meet virtually any requirement: different cutting patterns, different types of bread and without having to rely on exact positioning every time.

Robotic Scoring Installation

Simple and flexible recipe creation for optimal product variety

The cut of a loaf of bread often serves to give it an appealing aesthetic appearance. A carefully designed cut can give the bread an attractive appearance and make it more visually appealing.

To do justice to this, it is important to be able to create new recipes quickly and flexibly - even without programming knowledge. Thanks to the VisionManager software integrated on our analegns, users can create new recipes in simple steps and make changes to recipes in real time.

From simple longitudinal cuts, to circular cuts, to S-cuts - add highlights to your product catalogue.

We attach great importance to good maintenance in terms of tool selection - whether water jet, ultrasonic, rotating knives and special blades - we will find the right tool type for your product.

The advantages at a quick glance

  • 3D image processing for precise positioning of each individual product
  • User software for recipe creation (no programming knowledge necessary)
  • Contour-following cuts
  • Dynamic adjustment of the cutting length
  • Cutting of seeded products possible
  • Fast and safe tool changeover
  • Scoring of gluten-free products possible

Visit us at our stand at the IBA to learn more about our technology. We are looking forward to your visit.