Product-Highlight iba 2023

KleanVue Mixer delivers performance, durability, and versatility

Sanitary mixer design that delivers the performance, durability, and versatility you expect from an industry leader. Talk with our team at booth A2-141 to see how we can customize a KleanVue Mixer and deliver your perfect dough.

Peerless KleanVue Mixer - Hall A, Booth 141

Our KleanVue Series Mixers blend performance, versatility, and ease of maintenance, no matter what you are mixing. Designed with a robust tubular frame that is easy to wash down and promotes exceptional sanitation, the KleanVue mixer line provides a lifetime of production output for your bakery.

KleanVue Mixer Details

Every KleanVue Mixer delivers these advantages:

  • Performance - Precision and reliability. What you expect from an industry leader.
  • Durability - Built for strength and stability. Rigid four-post bowl mounting, plus strong stainless steel where it matters most: frame, bowl sheets, bowl ends, canopy and bumper bar.
  • Versatility - Adjustable features. Multiple options. Endless mixing possibilities.
  • Sanitation - Unique tubular frame design allows easier access to exterior parts. Cleaning and maintenance are simplified, uptime is increased and sanitation issues are reduced.
  • Safety - Standard equipment includes safety programmable logic controllers, a variable frequency drive with Category 3-compliant “safe off” features, and guards to prevent user contact with moving parts.

Customized for your product with our full range of agitators and options for temperature control, bowl tilt, and bowl guards.