Product-Highlight iba 2023

MAGNUS - Technology for cold dough pastry and soft products

Whether you're working with delicate soft products or demanding cold doughs, the Magnus is designed to meet all your requirements. With its cooled tank and controlled atmosphere, it's the ideal solution for demanding industrial processes with high output.

When it comes to making cold dough pastry and soft products, precision and process control are key. The Magnus has been designed with features tailored to meet your goals in terms of product quality and industrial performance. 

Improved dough mixing

The Magnus uses advanced kneading technology with two tools and two agitation movements (co-axial rotation): one quick agitation for kneading and another slower one for thorough dough circulation. This ensures consistent results with every batch and precise dough mixing.

Precise process control

Keeping dough at the right temperature is crucial. The Magnus comes with a cooled tank that reduces dough heating by 50%. Its design also allows for great heat exchange. Plus, the controlled atmosphere features help you achieve the expected crumb structure for your soft products.

Boosting industrial performance

The Magnus is not just about quality; it's also about efficiency. The bottom discharge feature makes it adaptable to various setups, from conveyor belts to bowl transfers or AGVs. This flexibility allows for high output and seamless integration into your production line.

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