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Making artisanal pizza

If you're passionate about crafting delicious artisanal pizza, having the right equipment is crucial to achieving the perfect dough consistency and shape. Sinmag Europe offers high-quality machinery which can greatly enhance your pizza-making process.

The Sinmag Europe Spiral Mixer Spiralo is a versatile and efficient machine designed to mix dough while maintaining its quality. When making pizza dough, this mixer helps develop gluten structure and distributes ingredients evenly, resulting in a well-hydrated and consistent dough.

The Bun Divider Rounder Divobun by Sinmag Europe is an excellent addition to your pizza-making arsenal. This machine takes the hassle out of dividing and shaping the dough into equal portions. It ensures uniformity in size and weight, crucial for achieving consistent results with your pizza bases.

After portioning and rounding your dough, the next step is to shape it into the desired pizza crust. The Sinmag Europe Pizza Moulder Pizzarollo simplifies this process and ensures that each pizza base has a consistent thickness and shape.