Product-Highlight iba 2023

Modern production of pretzels

Pretzel products are an integral part of German bread culture and are appreciated by many consumers. But the popularity of pretzels & co. is also growing internationally. State-of-the-art lye application and scoring technology helps to ensure competitive production.

For more than 25 years, Abendschön Maschinenbau has been supplying reliable lye application technology for the industrial production of lye pastries. From 2007, 3D robot cutting systems were added. From lye croissants to pretzels, we have the right technology in our range for pretzel-style products.

Lye application - An Abendschön "classic"

Besides the use of durable materials, we also attach great importance to an appealing product appearance. Correct overflow, constant lye temperature and a consistently uniform lye percentage are decisive for the appearance of the lye product after baking. Our machine ensures this through sophisticated sensors and mechanics. On a width of up to 4m we can build the ideal lye machine for our customers.

Whether contour-following or straight - the ideal cut thanks to robotics

Almost every pretzel product needs the right cut. Thanks to our modern 3D image processing, we can cut any pretzel with positional accuracy, whether with a curved or straight cut. Even products with a high number of pieces and cuts are possible with a capacity of up to 10,000 cuts per robot.

Contour-following cut

Straight cut on pretzel buns

The advantages

  • Robot cutting and lye application can be combined in one machine
  • Precise, waste-minimizing cutting thanks to 3D image processing
  • User software for recipe creation (no programming knowledge required)
  • Contour-following cuts
  • Cutting of seeded products possible

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