Trade fair offer iba 2023

Offers on complete lines

From melting the chocolate to the pallet. Our lines are custom-made to allow the final user to have everything automatic. Melting, moulding, cooling, demoulding and packaging.

We have two main different moulding lines. One for full chocolate pralines/bars composed of:

  • Melting tank, tempering machine
  • moulding system
  • vertical cooling tunnel
  • demoulder.

The second line is for filled pralines/bars composed of: 

  • Melting tank
  • tempering machine
  • Mould loader, OneShot
  • vibrating device
  • vertical cooling tunnel
  • demoulder. 

Both lines only require one operator checking the level in the melting tank and the level of moulds in the loader. Packaging of the products can be in different ways: flow-pack, VFFS, stand up pouch and boxes. We also have cartooning systems which allow bags or boxes to be placed automatically in a big box. The big box can then be automatically placed on the pallet and have it ready for collection.

Visit our website and our YouTube channel to see some videos in action.

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