Experience at the booth iba 2023

π‘ͺπ™šΜπ’“π™šΜ€π’” packaging machine – Try it, you'll love it

Come and experience your-self the agility of our Cérès semi-automatic solution and transforme your traditional offer of single use package toward a more sustainable approch, offering a strong visual on marchandising for sky rocket sales !!

What is a DUNE solution ?

A partner of supermarkets for 30 years, DUNE machines automate the tedious operations of bagging and labeling of self-service fresh bread with more than 1,000 machines in operation in France and Europe.

Since a couple of years, DUNE is embarking on a new challenge with its new eco-designed packaging solution for croissants, snacking and biscuits. This unique innovation has already been rewarded twice with an π™Šπ™Žπ˜Ύπ˜Όπ™ π˜Ώπ™€ 𝙇'π™€π™ˆπ˜½π˜Όπ™‡π™‡π˜Όπ™‚π™€ and a π™Žπ™„π™π™ƒπ˜Ό π™€π™π™π™Šπ™‹π˜Όπ™„π™‰ π˜Όπ™’π˜Όπ™π˜Ώπ™Ž and over 80 machines are in operation in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Iceland, La Réunion island.

Our solution provide added value transforming traditional offering of single use package to a more sustainable approch, offering strong visual on marchandising.

🌍 When technlogy serves environement 

You are committed to a CSR approach with a strong plastic reduction policy, so are we!

Choosing VisioDune packaging is reducing the use of plastic up to 97%. And you know what ? Paper is :

  • 6 times less CO2 realese in the atmosphere during production
  • 100% renewable, 100% biodegradable, 100% recyclable, 100% bio-based
  • PEFC and FSC
  • Naturally food contact safe
  • Contributes to the development of forests which naturally absorb CO2
  • 27% saving on material

With the π˜Ύπ’†Μπ™§π’†Μ€π™¨ lengh control system, use only what you need and kill packaging waste

With the π˜Ύπ’†Μπ™§π’†Μ€π™¨ integrated labeler, make consumable savings as one packaging fits all with the difenrential lebelling.

πŸ“ˆ When technlogy serves performance  

Using our π˜Ύπ’†Μπ™§π’†Μ€π™¨ solution is increasing your productivity up to 1800 pce/hour where bagging your bread manually is 3 time less.

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Our π˜Ύπ’†Μπ™§π’†Μ€π™¨ solution integrate an automatic DIGI labeling system. Labeling in hidden time is 100% saving time by killing additional handling. Labeling informations could be either in hard or back-office connected.

πŸ’ͺ When technology serves human and improves skills 

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Experience DUNE patented technology

Each day on our booth B1.440, come and experience with your own products our π˜Ύπ’†Μπ™§π’†Μ€π™¨ solution. Didn't bring your products ? Grab some from our showcase and enjoy this new experience. 

                                                    𝕋𝕣π•ͺ π•šπ•₯, π•ͺ𝕠𝕦'𝕝𝕝 𝕝𝕠𝕧𝕖 π•šπ•₯ !