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Premium Proofer, Retarder-Proofer, Freezer-Proofer - F-Series F500

Top-class freezer-proofer, retarder-proofer and proofer. Equipped with the latest technology to simplify work in the bakery. Treats dough with utmost care – no more dehydration or over-fermentation.

Sveba Dahlen's proofer F-Series F500 always provides reliable proofing results. With the F500, the baker proofs, refrigerates or freezes doughs on trays in bakery trolleys, entailing high efficiency and easy handling.

The proofer's user-friendly control panel with touch screen is at a convenient working height and has programs for proofing, freezing and cooling processes. It controls all cabinet functions, keeps the dough from drying out and ensures that the dough is handled as carefully as possible. This makes the cabinet very easy to work with and gives space for the baker to work with other things.

If the proofer cabinet is loaded the day before, the proofing process is complete by the time employees report to work in the morning.

The proofer has several smart functions that help in day-to-day operations in the bakery. The F500 automatically cools down ready-proofed products, for example, if they are not removed from the cabinet in time. This reduces the risk of over proofing.

With the Dough on Demand function, which proofs the dough at a low temperature for a longer period and then cools it down, the baker has fresh dough ready for baking throughout the working day. The dough can then be taken out and baked off as needed by the store – fresh bread at any time!

The proofer cabinet's large windows and the bright inside lighting make it easy to view the proofing process on all trays.

The doors are kept open at a 90-degree angle until they are actively closed again, which facilitates loading and unloading. The doors automatically close the last bit so that they are not ajar and affect the temperature setting in the cabinet.

A low ramp and low cabinet floor make it easy to roll trolleys in and out. The ramp has closed sides to prevent dirt from finding its way beneath it. The ramp is also equipped with handles on the sides, making it easier to clean in front of the cabinet.

The clean stainless-steel design with large surfaces, lack of external screws and frames, as well as a ceiling and air duct that is easily removed, all contribute to easy cleaning and good hygiene in the bakery.

Speed-adjusted, demand-driven fans process the dough so that just the right amount of air circulates inside the cabinet. Parameters such as cooling, heating and humidity control the fans in each program phase, running the fan at just the right speed.

Heating and humidity are pulse controlled to facilitate precise climate control. The controls optimize the proofing process and make the cabinet quieter and more energy efficient.

The F500 is available in configurations versions – freezer/retarder/proofer– and each version is available in 8 standard sizes and holds 1–9 rack carts depending on the sizes of the cabinet and trays.

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