Product-Highlight iba 2023

PureBelt™ Dry Steam Belt Cleaner

The PureBelt™ Portable System conveyor belt cleaner is fully automated to clean mesh-style, plastic modular, or metal wire mesh conveyor belts. It uses the power of dry steam to remove soils and obliterate fats, oils, mold, bacteria, and more.

This portable design is easy to use on most mesh conveyor belt systems, and its programmable dry steam patterns allow you to complete control over cleaning and sanitation.

Goodway conveyor belt cleaners use superheated dry steam to remove dirt and soils with very little water.  It dries immediately, making it safe in “dry clean” environments. It is perfect for belt cleaning in commercial bakeries, confectionery plants, and other production environments for cleaning spiral coolers, packaging lines, and more.

The Goodway PureBelt™ system saves labor, decreases sanitation time, and increases productivity with faster changeovers and is adjustable in width, so it can be used across multiple locations in the plant.

Heavy Duty Dry Steam Conveyor Belt Cleaners Help Your Plant Meet Best in Class Cleaning and Sanitation Guidelines.


  • Speeds production times, decrease downtime and increases output.
  • Reduces changeover times
  • Removes fats, sugars, oils, and more
  • Reduces labor time and water usage
  • Leaves belts dry