RapsMaxMix: Taste Meets Nutritional Value

In spring, the fields bloom in rich yellow – rapeseed, previously known for cooking oil, finds a new path into our diet through backaldrin. Discover with RapsMaxMix a revolution on the bakery shelf with nutrient-rich rapeseed. A taste experience that combines tradition and innovation.

RapsMaxMix revolutionizes the baking craft with its blend of rapeseed, durum wheat flour, and other natural ingredients. This clean-label product not only imparts a unique flavor to bread and rolls but also enriches them with an optimal ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids.

From large loaves to MiniCiabatta – RapsMaxMix opens up a variety of possibilities. The light, peppery-mustard note and the special "crunch" of the rapeseed make every baked good a sensory experience. The dosage? Simple: four parts mix to ten parts flour.

Start the revolution in your bakery now

Discover the variety of RapsMaxMix and enrich your range with both flavor and nutritional value. For detailed information and personalized advice, visit us online or get in touch directly.