Eat consciously and buy consciously: High-quality nutrition is one of the cornerstones of our health. An aspect that is also indispensable in the baking industry.

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J. Rettenmaier & Söhne A3 / 158
Experience at the booth

Gluten-free Croissant with VIVAPUR® BCS 200

Experience the future of gluten-free croissant perfection with VIVAPUR® BCS 200! Achieve unmatched flakiness, buttery flavor, and seamless industrial production in every delectable bite. Your path to croissant excellence begins here.

Soy Austria B4 / 224

Healthy Snack Bars

SOY AUSTRIA® has developed a range of natural and healthy snack bars full of valuable soy-based ingredients such as our SOYFLAKES, SOYGRAN, SOYBRAN, SOYTEXTURE and SOYPRO.

Incredo Sugar A4 / START28
Startup Pitch

Incredo Sugar: The Sugar-Based Sugar Reduction Solution

Incredo® Sugar is a sugar reduction solution that provides anywhere between 30%-50% reduction of sugar in food and snacks such as cakes, cookies, chocolate, candy and more, with no compromise to the taste or the level of sweetness.

F-B-S Balke International B1 / 446

PFAS - a topic we should talk about

PFAS is found in technical coatings that are based on fluoropolymers. Fluoropolymers give the surface outstanding properties, for example in areas where non-stick or easy clean is required - but there are possible alternatives.


Grain loaf with legumes gluten free

Unique bread without flour, without yeast and without additives. Full of seeds - sunflower, flax, and pumpkin. Content of lentils in the mixture 19 %, baked bread contains 8 % of lentils.

STEINMETZ Mehl & Brot B4 / 324

Healthier and better

STEINMETZ has been a German family business since 1660 and produces the healthier and better baking STEINMETZ flours. As a result, bakeries gain more profits because consumers appreciate the healthier and better baked goods.

Max Ladenburger Söhne Heimatsmühle A3 / 171

Organic flours: Natural variety for healthy baking

Organic flours have enjoyed growing popularity in recent years as more and more people focus on a healthy and sustainable diet. But what exactly makes organic flours so special, and why should they find a place in your kitchen?

Magic Flame B4 / 487

Give the bread valuable nutrients and a nutty flavor with sunflower kernels from Magic Flame+ bonus

Sunflower kernels from Magic flame are a natural, vegan, Bulgarian product. By reading this article, you will understand what the pluses of this Bulgarian product are, and you will receive a BONUS at the end of this article - which are 12 health benefits of sunflower seeds you should know.

Magic Flame B4 / 487

Add sunflower chips from Magic Flame to the diet of birds for their nutritional richness!

Add sunflower chips from Magic Flame to the diet of birds for their nutritional richness! Each sunflower kernel contains the following nutrients: fat, fiber, protein and other essential nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin E, B, Potassium and others.

HEUTE Maschinenfabrik A2 / 320
Use case

ProfilGate - the cleaning system for producers of baked goods

ProfilGate cleaning fields have a lot to offer the bakery industry. Clean production and hallways without dust or dough on the floor facilitate day-to-day operations.

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