Product-Highlight iba 2023

Robotic baking tray handling

Revolutionise your baking tray handling process with our robotic tray handling systems! Do you want to improve the efficiency and safety of your baking tray handling? Our state-of-the-art robotic handling systems are the perfect solution for your business.

Reduction of labour-intensive processes

By integrating Abendschön handling systems into your existing production line, you will experience a significant reduction in labour requirements. The physically demanding aspects of handling baking trays are a thing of the past when robotics take over.

That's what our handling systems can do for you:
Eliminate staffing bottlenecks by efficiently automating labour-intensive workflows in your facility.

Automation of baking tray handling processes 

Effortlessly remove baking trays from oven racks and seamlessly feed them to subsequent operations such as filling, cutting or decorating.

Features that ensure safety and convenience: Our handling systems are equipped with first-class safety standards, including fences and photoelectric barriers that ensure a safe working environment for your employees.

Our handling systems are equipped with high capacity robots and single and multiple grippers for trays. This versatility enables efficient handling of different baking tray configurations and ensures that your baking processes run smoothly.

With our proven handling systems, we have been in the industry for years, offering unparalleled reliability and performance. Let us help you unlock the full potential of your bakery operations.

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