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Safety Meets Efficiency: PureBelt® Sets New Standards

For a Long Island bakery, meeting food safety standards became a critical mission. Thanks to PureBelt®, the bakery now not only meets hygiene standards but also ensures operational efficiency.

In the world of bakery operations, adhering to stringent food safety standards is paramount. For a Long Island bakery, passing sesame allergen swabs became a critical yet challenging task. The FDA's recent classification of sesame as a major food allergen added pressure, making their existing cleaning process inadequate and costly.

Enter PureBelt®, Goodway's innovative solution. The dry vapor steam conveyor belt cleaning system revolutionized the bakery's approach to allergen removal. What used to be a 12-hour, three-person job every Saturday transformed into a swift, efficient process, requiring just two people and 30 minutes per belt.

The results speak volumes: "Now, we clean both belts in 1 hour and consistently pass sesame allergen swabs on the first try," says Joy Argerakis, Quality Food Safety Manager. This significant improvement not only enhanced operational efficiency but also ensured compliance with FDA regulations, setting a new standard in food safety practices.

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