Product-Highlight iba 2023

Scoring Division

Scoring Division – the automatic scoring systems that can be adapted to specific needs. Scoring systems for all kind of fermented dough and gluten-free products to make the desired score.

Beor develops two kinds of scoring machines: Automatic and Semi-Automatic.

Automatic Scoring Systems are adapted over automatic production lines, in front of tunnel ovens, etc. Depending on each project, the equipment could be designed to score by servomotor, by robot or by collaborative robot.

Semi-Automatic Scoring Systems has two categories: Autonomous Rack Scoring System, which can score a rack in less than 2 minutes and a half. And Tray Scoring System which has to be fed manually tray by tray.

Every scoring machine is adapted to each customer characteristics.
To realize the perfect score, we must be able to adjust all possible variables that affect directly the score: water pressure, score speed, score height, score inclination, score shape.

All Beor equipment is equipped with Industry 4.0 technology, wireless screen, Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.