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Spiral modular system uni Direct Drive System™ – elevating bakery cooling and freezing

Do you want to enhance the cooling and freezing process on your production site? If so, learn more about uni Direct Drive System™, which you can implement in your spiral coolers, spiral freezers, and spiral proofers. Demo conveyor on our booth!

Drive system designed to be best in class

The uni Direct Drive System™ is an innovative and patented spiral conveying system designed for food processing industry. Its smooth operation is particularly valuable when delicate products need to be handled gently to prevent damage or contamination.

Direct-driven spiral belting systems, characterized by their positive engagement, are steadily gaining popularity, as they offer a lower-maintenance solution. One of their primary advantages lies in the controlled and stable motion of the belt, which is less affected by environmental variations—crucial when precise product orientation is critical.

The uni Direct Drive System™ is on track to establish itself as the best-in-class choice for such applications.

The uni Flex L-OSB Direct Drive belt, which pairs with uni Direct Drive System™, is 65% open, ensuring excellent vertical airflow and making cooling or freezing more efficient by increasing airflow around products. Only 12% contact area results in less sweating and moisture on the base of a product. No protruding components reduce the belt’s susceptibility to damage and minimise the risk of snagging.


Supported by expert guidance

Ammeraal Beltech's Global Spiral team is ready to provide you with a range of valuable services to enhance your experience with uni Direct Drive System™:

  • On-site or remote consultations,
  • Expert engineering and design guidance,
  • Comprehensive installation assistance,
  • Retrofit support for seamless upgrades,
  • Effective troubleshooting solutions.


More benefits to uni Direct Drive System™

uni Direct Drive System™ ensures that your baked goods cool uniformly and efficiently, helps you maintain the ideal freezing conditions for your products, and assists you in achieving consistent and controlled proofing results.

The Uni Direct Drive System™ is designed with food safety in mind. Its seamless and hygienic operation minimizes the risk of contaminants, ensuring that your bakery products remain pristine throughout the conveying process.


Learn more about uni Direct Drive System™ at iba 2023

Ammeraal Beltech is looking forward to presenting their solutions to you in Hall 2 at Booth 471.

You can see the product running on a real demo conveyor. Don't miss this opportunity to meet their team, and learn how you can uni Direct Drive System™ for cooling, chilling, freezing, proofing, steaming, pasteurizing, or simply just inclined or declined conveying.