Product-Highlight iba 2023

The BXF Basket and Case loader by SR Pack A/S

"End of Line" Automation is our world. We are specialized in Basket and case loading of all kinds of bakery products. Modular concepts that will be adapted to your production line. Easy installation, high OEE.

The BXF basket- and Case loading concept has been developed by SR Pack over the last 25 years.  

In recent years, there has been a strong increase in demand for the automation of the "end of line"  in bakeries. 

SR Pack's concept is modular, so we can design the system that fits exactly your needs.

There are many parameters that influence the design of an efficient packaging line, the most important being:

  • Available space (Layout)
  • Product types
  • Capacities
  • What type of final packaging material is used? Are they plastic baskets or corrugated cases? Maybe a combination of plastic baskets and corrugated cases?
  • Packaging patterns; do the products lie flat or do they stand on the side in the final packaging? Are they packed in a combination of different directions? Do they need tail orientation? Does baskets have bale arms? And many more questions. 

SR Pack helps you find the answers and to design the optimum equipment to your needs. 

The BXF concept excels on the following parameters:

  • No lifting of products
  • Compression of products before loading
  • Top Temper which follows the products down into the final packaging, thus tall cases with products in several layers are not a problem. 
  • Flexible for the use of several types and sizes of final packaging.
  • Servo controlled movements, which ensure stable operation throughout the lifetime of the system.
  • Minimum use of pneumatic functions to optimize the energy consumption
  • Flexible product feed system so the BXF can be used for different products.
  • Well-developed and easy to understand HMI for operating the system. All parameters can be changed on the HMI, no need for connecting a PC.
  • No standard machine, we adapt our concept to your production. 
  • Everything tested in our workshop before delivery.
  • A very high OEE is the result by using a SR Pack BXF solution.