Product-Highlight iba 2023

Vegan certified conveyor belts

Chiorino continues to lead the way in Food & Packaging being the first belting manufacturer to have acquired the prestigious V-Label Vegan certification, an international seal of quality and safety for labelling vegan products.

Chiorino’s premium food lines HP®, HP AM®, HP COMPACT DRIVE AM® and FXD® are V-Label Vegan certified and are compliant with the vegan food production process, that requires:

  • NO use of animal origin substances at any production stage
  • NO presence of non-vegan substances
  • NO presence of genetically modified organism (GMO)
  • NO animal testing

Thanks to this important achievement, Chiorino Vegan V-Label certified conveyor belts ensure the integrity of the vegan food production lines, avoiding cross-contamination.