Product-Highlight iba 2023

Verymix Continuous Mixer

VMI's Continuous Mixing Systems – the ultimate solution for high productivity and quality in the baking industry. Automate your process, maintain consistent kneading for raw-frozen, par-baked, and frozen doughs.

The Verymix continuous mixer is one of VMI’s major innovations. The Verymix design streamlines the most demanding productions with its:

  • Continuous weighing of the dosing units
  • Independent pre-mixer (the HPM – Horizontal Pre-Mixer)
  • Kneader with rotor and bowl geometry adapted to your dough
  • Cooling unit that uses glycol water to adjust dough temperature

The Verymix mixer benefits from a precise yet flexible dosing system; fat in blocks or liquid, scrap dough, special flours, eggs, dried fruits, or chocolate chips can be incorporated at any time during the mixing stage.

Recipe formulation, dosing, programming, monitoring of instructions, and traceability are all managed by a user-friendly, high-performance HMI. It also allows you to measure and adjust many parameters including mixing time and intensity, dough temperature before, during, and after mixing, energy transmitted to the dough, and the opening of the glycol valves. With this HMI, you can ensure quality and consistency of dough production 24/7.