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What is better for your business – a planetary or a dough mixer?

Finding the right appliance for your kitchen can be tricky. Find out what kind of mixer would be more beneficial to your business. We explore the differences between a planetary mixer and dough mixer.

Having the right professional kitchen equipment can make all the difference in a food business. When it comes to deciding between a planetary mixer and a dough mixer, you must first consider what your kitchen needs are.

Professional planetary mixers blend ingredients quickly and come with a variety of attachments. Commercial dough mixers are helpful for kneading large batches of dough quickly and efficiently.

With access to high-quality kitchen equipment, chefs and kitchen staff can create dishes that are consistently high quality. They also need appliances to reduce time and effort in the kitchen.

1. Capacity

Businesses should consider the number of batches they plan on producing every day. This helps when deciding between a planetary mixer and a dough mixer.

Planetary mixers are beneficial tools that professional kitchens can use to ensure their mixing jobs are consistent and efficient. The different models make them suitable for both small and large-scale mixing needs.

For smaller quantities of dough and batter, a commercial stand mixer can be a good solution for bakeries, patisseries and cafes. These machines are smaller versions of a commercial planetary mixer and offer the same high-powered capabilities. A 7L stand mixer makes mixing sauces, creams and batters an easy task with its robust stainless steel bowl.

Planetary mixers are ideal for kneading, beating, stirring and mixing at different speeds. The smaller models of planetary mixers are suitable for kitchens looking to mix small amounts of batter and dough. Larger planetary mixers can mix up to 60L at a time, or up to 30kg of dough.

Large dough mixers, on the other hand, can handle over 100kg of dough at a time. Businesses that specialise in dough-based products will benefit from having a good quality dough mixer. Dough mixers also come in different sizes and capacities to accommodate small and large-scale kitchens. However, their key benefit to bakeries is that they come in sizes larger than planetary mixers.

Restaurants, bakeries and caterers produce and sell hundreds of products every day. They may find the extra capacity provided by large-quantity dough mixers beneficial. It allows them to mix large batches of dough at one time, saving a lot of manual labour in the kitchen.

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2. Range of speeds

Most planetary mixers offer different settings that allow users to adjust the speed level according to their specific needs. This is beneficial for commercial kitchens as it provides greater control over mixed ingredients by keeping the speed consistent.

Kitchen staff can use the lower speed settings of planetary mixers to slowly incorporate ingredients, such as eggs and cream for a custard. This way, all ingredients are evenly mixed without over-beating them. This helps professional bakeries and commercial kitchens achieve perfect consistency with minimum effort.

Similarly, kitchens can use the higher speeds of planetary mixers to quickly whip egg whites into stiff peaks or knead dough for breads and pastries. Stand mixers can offer up to 11 different speeds, giving kitchens greater versatility.

Dough mixers also come with adjustable speed settings, but this is usually more limited. A single setting keeps dough at the correct kneading speed to prevent it from being overworked. Some dough mixers will offer a second setting so different kinds of dough can be mixed. For businesses specialising in bread doughs, this is more that sufficient to meet their needs.

3. Food types

A planetary mixer’s powerful motor, variable speed settings and attachments are designed for all kinds of tasks. With a planetary mixer, kitchens can create a variety of delicious food items, such as cakes, cookies and pastries. They are also efficient for making mousses, creams, custards and frosting.

Most planetary mixers feature multiple attachments that enable users to whip, knead, mix and blend ingredients with ease. These mixers are also a great tool for making bread. It gives bakers the power to knead dough quickly and easily and ensures that every loaf comes out consistently shaped.

From bread and baguettes to focaccia and bread rolls, bakeries can create all sorts of tasty bread items using a dough mixer. Professional kitchen equipment like dough mixers provides greater consistency and reliability compared to manual mixing. This results in better quality products for customers, as well as improved production speed.

Dough mixers’ powerful motors make them suitable for businesses that specialise in dough and only produce a variety of dough-based products.

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Mixing dough

Commercial kitchens that specialise in dough-based products often need a high-quality dough mixer. This is because ingredients used in dough can be challenging to mix. They require specific techniques to achieve the desired consistency and texture.

Stand mixers are useful for mixing smaller quantities of dough. They are beneficial for businesses that sell dough-based products as well as other goods that require mixing. Larger model planetary mixers are useful for companies looking to mix big batches of dough as well as other batters and mixes.

Mixing other ingredients

There are many food businesses that use planetary mixers to make a variety of delicious products. Companies can easily use their planetary mixers to make cake batters, eggs, whipped cream and icing. They offer a wide range of mixing options, other than just kneading. They include a selection of attachments that make this possible.

Dough mixers, on the other hand, are mostly used by kitchens that produce a range of dough-based products like pizza dough, croissants and dough for pie crusts.

4. Multifunctional machines or specialised equipment

Most planetary mixers are designed to make it easy to mix all sorts of ingredients. This makes them a great multifunctional kitchen appliance. They also come with a separate start and stop button, for ease of use. When it comes to high-quality planetary mixers, Maxima kitchen equipment offers models that suit both small and large business needs.

With their powerful motors and specially designed blades, planetary mixers can quickly and efficiently combine ingredients, resulting in consistently perfect results. Maxima's planetary mixers come with essential accessories for all your mixing needs:

  • Stainless steel 6.5L mixing bowl
  • Stainless steel dough hook
  • Stainless steel flat beater
  • Stainless steel egg whisk

A professional dough mixer offers fewer features than a planetary mixer. As specialised equipment, it is only required to perform a single function, as often as needed. Designed specifically to mix dough, professional dough mixers are more than capable of handling the daily intensive work required by bakeries. For businesses that only need dough mixed, this is an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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5. Automatic timer

Large-scale baking operations rely heavily on the precision and consistency of their dough mixing. An automated timer can help with this. It helps kitchens keep their mixing consistent to produce quality products.

In a fast-paced environment where efficiency is key, having a mixer impacts time management. If you can accurately time each batch, this ensures that production stays on schedule.

Professional dough mixers, like the models available through Maxima, come with a built-in timer. This is particularly beneficial in commercial kitchens where multiple batches of dough need to be prepared at once. Not only does this reduce manual labour for staff but it also ensures that each product is of a high quality.

Having an automated timer also allows kitchen employees to multitask and focus on other tasks while the dough mixer runs, improving kitchen workflow. They no longer need to constantly check on the mixer or worry about overmixing the dough as the timer will alert them when the mixing process is complete.

This feature is especially beneficial for bakeries and restaurants that produce large quantities of baked goods daily. With the automated timer, staff can set their dough to mix overnight or during off-peak hours. This allows them to start their day with freshly prepared dough ready for baking.

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6. Placing your machine

When it comes to setting up a functional and efficient kitchen, it’s important to think about the available workspace.

Size of workspace

In commercial kitchens with limited space, compact catering equipment is a great way to maximise space. Using appliances that are highly mobile is beneficial for these small-scale kitchens. If you have a spacious kitchen, it’s possible to choose larger and heavier machines with more capacity without worrying about crowding the kitchen.

Temperature and ventilation

Temperature and ventilation impact the operation of your catering equipment. In hot kitchens, where temperatures can rise above 30°C, equipment that can withstand high temperatures is crucial. Similarly, proper ventilation is important for preventing overheating and extending the lifespan of your machines.

Floor or counter space

Kitchens who have a small shop or kitchen will appreciate the compact size of stand mixers. They can also be moved around easily and accommodate a changing kitchen layout. Restaurants and businesses with a larger workspace can choose bigger and heavier dough mixers that offer more capacity for work.

Machine weight

Machines that are used to produce large batches of products are usually heavy and beneficial for kitchens with sufficient kitchen space that don’t need to move their equipment around. Smaller kitchens would benefit more from light and more compact machines to increase their workspace mobility.

Both the planetary mixer and the dough mixer come with advantages. If you run a business that produces smaller batches of products, opting for a planetary mixer like a stand mixer could be beneficial. Kitchens that want to produce large quantities of batter and dough should choose the planetary mixer models with more capacity. Whatever your choice, make sure you invest in quality professional equipment that will last a long time.

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