Maquinaria Viñas

Short description

Vinas production lines are designed to keep the properties of the dough/fat intact, achieving a hand-made quality product. We adapt our lines to your recipe and our solutions are characterized by their quality, modularity and versatility. We offer technical service as well as product assistance.


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Range of products

  • P Make-up lines
  • P Sheeting machines
  • P Baguette machines and lines
  • P Bread lines
  • P Bread roll machines and lines
  • P Croissant machines and lines
  • P Flat bread and tortilla lines
  • P Pastry moulding machines
  • P Toast and tin bread lines
  • P Laminating lines
  • P Machines for bread, rolls and pastry production
  • P Pizza lines
  • P Special bread machines and lines
  • P Special bread roll machines and lines
  • R Fats, oils
  • R Flour and grains
  • R Ingredients for organic bakery products
  • R Ingredients for gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • R Sourdoughs, ready-to-use sourdoughs, starter cultures
  • R Special margarines
  • F Gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan bakery products
  • F Hearty snacks
  • F Other finished products
  • P Automation
  • F Artisan bakery
  • F Sustainability

About us

At Maquinaria Vinas we have spent over 25 years using cutting-edge technology to manufacture machinery for the food industry. Three decades of continuous experience and development which enable us to offer our clients the best bakery and pastry equipment and a continued customer support. The company was founded in 1994 in Barcelona by Josep Maria Viñas who, with over 30 years experience in the bakery and pastry machinery sector, decided to use his know-how to set up his own business. His innovation and creativity can still be seen today in the designs used and solutions offered by Maquinaria Vinas. His brave, enterprising spirit put the brand name on the world market, alongside large international companies.

The subsequent addition of his son, Sagar Vinas, with his engineering expertise and business acumen, led to tremendous growth of the company and its consolidation on the international market.

Mr. Viñas daughters, Xènia and Mònica Vinas, together with Mrs. Viñas are currently running the company, managing the sales personally.

Since its creation and thanks to Mr. Viñas philosophy, Maquinaria Viñas, has distinguished itself by offering solutions for bakery and pastry equipment which obtain the same quality as a “handmade” product. At Maquinaria Vinas we don’t sell machines, we sell results.