Product-Highlight iba 2023

COLIP - Maturpan Line

Professional equipments of retarded-proving and conservation of the fermented product for bread: artisan and industrial productions. Standard models and customized solutions for every production and space requirement.

Colip innovative cold is a great support to the entire production process, even during proving (also named proofing).

The controlled proving technique is an automatic process programmed to block and reactivate the proving of bread and pastry doughs at the desired time for baking.

Our programmed automatic cycle begins with the first cooling phase, in which the chamber reaches the temperature of -10/-12 °C.
The preservation phase follows with a temperature between -2/+5 °C and then the reactivation phase of proving.
This third phase has been optimized by our research group, creating 4 different proving curves that meet specific production needs (time and temperature) according to the type of bread, with total control of heat and humidity.
The fourth phase allows the preservation of the already fermented product, without alterations, for a period of 4 - 8 hours.

The retarded-proving allows considerable advantages for the product: it perfects the quality, the uniformity and the flavour, preserving all the nutritional values.
At the same time, it offers important benefits for the production organization. First of all, it revolutionizes working hours, up to eliminating night work and holidays. Reducing production times and costs, renews the working method with great flexibility and with the possibility of always offering hot products, freshly baked.