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COLIP - Sursystem Line

Line for bakery (bread, pizza and derivatives), pastry and food industry in general. Standard models and customized solutions for every production and space requirement.

PROFESSIONAL CHAMBERS for small, medium and large productions

INDUSTRIAL TUNNELS with automatic handling

Deep-freezing is a special freezing process that consists to lower the product temperature quickly, with formation of micro-ice crystals that do not damage its biological structure.

A well deep-frozen product keeps intact all properties and protein content as when it is fresh.

In the bakery and pastry sector, deep-freezing is applied to:

  1. raw product

  2. fermented product “ready to bake”
  3. partially baked and baked product

It is a technique of great importance and current trend to offer a considerable variety of products in different shapes and tastes, always fresh, of the best quality with the total food safety. 

The deep-freezing allows preserving all the nutritional and organoleptic characteristics: the structure and taste of the products indeed remain intact and are comparable to the fresh ones.

It is a natural process, with the absolute absence of preservatives and maximum safety from contamination, in full compliance with health and hygiene standards. 

Colip realizes customized projects for integral solutions: development of complete layouts for artisanal and industrial productions of deep-frozen products.