Discover the Starline: Your Ultimate Production Line

In the world of bakery equipment, one star shines particularly bright: the Starline. Imagine a fully automated production line that is not only efficient but also versatile. Get ready to revolutionize your bakery with maximum performance and versatility.

The Starline is our fully expandable and fully automatic production line. It is highly adaptable, offering maximum performance and space for up to six simultaneously operated additional devices.

Strengths of Starline

For maximum productivity

RONDO Guillotine Automatische Feingebäckproduktion

  • Particularly robust design without appearing bulky
  • Designed for multi-shift operation
  • High efficiency due to fast, travelling guillotines 

100% automated

RONDO Starline Kabelkanal

  • Can be expanded to include up to 6 motor-driven accessories, plug & play
  • Simultaneous operation of all accessories possible
  • Automation can also be extended to upstream and downstream lines

Fully integrated, completely intuitive

RONDO Starline Touchscreen

  • Recipe linking right along the line: central management system enables fast changeovers
  • Touchscreen with RCC: intuitive to operate, even for semi-skilled personnel

High-precision cutting and stamping

RONDO Starline Guillotine

  • Choice of 2 powerful guillotines
  • High cutting force for clean edges
  • For perfect, homogeneous baked goods

The latest hygiene standards

RONDO Starline Reinigen

  • Sophisticated hygienic design
  • Smooth surfaces, stainless steel construction
  • Materials certified for food production
  • Compliant with hygiene standard UL Sanitation

Have we piqued your interest?

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You can also find more information about the Starline on our website.