Product-Highlight iba 2023

FermFresh® AromaDurum: Golden prospects for taste and enjoyment

For bakers, the right ingredients are crucial to adding value to their product range. Durum (durum wheat) is an exceptional ingredient that has a special place not only in the world of pasta. Durum wheat also adds incomparable value to baked goods with its distinctive golden performance.

FermFresh® AromaDurum gives a variety of baked goods such as bread, biscuits, or snacks a juicy golden yellow crumb and a golden brown crust that is not only pleasing to the eye. This unique fermentation product allows the full flavour potential of durum wheat to be profoundly unlocked.


DuoFermentation: the new dimension in taste

FermFresh® AromaDurum from UNIFERM combines a gently matured durum sourdough with the sweet notes of an in-house produced DurumFerment. The result is an aromatic cuvée that not only appeals to the senses, but also delights customers.

Your advantages of FermFresh® AromaDurum:

Authenticity: Durum (durum wheat) provides the typical golden yellow colour and texture.

Unique taste: DurumFerment gives baked goods a unique flavour.

Appealing appearance: Baked goods are characterised by a multi-faceted, golden-yellow crust.

Clean label quality: More added value through the claim of "Durum sourdough" and "DurumFerment".

Quality enhancement: Significantly upgrades and taste improvement of the standard range of all wheat-based baked goods from rolls and baguettes to wheat bread.

Easy to use: The liquid consistency in the bag-in-box packaging allows flexible dosing.

FermFresh® AromaDurum is the innovative solution that bakers can use to profitably enhance their baked goods and offer their customers an unforgettable gourmet experience.


Visit us at iba in Munich and be inspired by the fascinating world of fermentation. Discover what UNIFERM's DuoFermentation can do for your business. Our bread sommeliers will be happy to show you the many possibilities of FermFresh® AromaDurum.

UNIFERM welcomes you to hall A3, stand 531. We look forward to your visit!